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Learning Module - Level 3 [Advanced Track]

· One min read

Before you start with the advanced track, make sure you have completed the previous beginner and intermediate track. It’s probably a good idea to revise all you have learnt so far.

  1. Study Log fields masking feature which is used if you want to mask any sensitive information in the

  2. Study Log format on different environments. link

  3. Study how to add a custom identifier in logs.(This will be useful if you want any custom unique identifier to be added in the logs.) link

  4. Study about OTEL and logs/metrics/traces. Read online. Custom logs, traces and metrics in YAML DSL. link

  5. Study Encryption of prisma field. link

  6. Elasticgraph setup for Elasticsearch. link

  7. Authorization within workflows. link

  8. Validation errors in event. link

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed learning about Godspeed.