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Godspeed Framework Roadmap Q1 and Q2 - 2023

Features [Core Framework]

  1. Generative AI based microservice code generation [In progress - Q1]
  2. Generative AI based app generation [Q-2]
  3. Support to define and handle custom event sources [Done - Q1]
  4. Adding capability for defining reusable modules and use them in projects [Q-2]
  5. Support for Java, Golang, Python{on prioritisation by partners} [Q-2]
  6. Support for GraphQL like subscriptions - For event driven architecture and its varied use cases viz, Dual writes with eventual consistency, fraud detection, anomalies, notifications,any custom actions. [Q-2]

Language Features & Debugging VSCode Extension

  1. AI based FAQ & troubleshooting [Q-1]
  2. VS code Debugger for step through debuggability[Q-2]
  3. Enhanced language & DSL feature support for coding [Constant & ongoing][Q1-2]


  1. Kubernetes based CI-CD governance setup using Argo stack [Done- Q1]
  2. K8s based Grafana observability stack - [Done- Q1]
  3. Shift left approach - Technology and infra agnostic, control plane for CI,CD, governance and observability management control plane. [In progress [Q1 - Q2]
  4. K8s based stack for common services (FOSS) for authn, authz, notifications etc [on Demand][Q1-2]

Other Minor Stories- Core Framework, Platform & Language features

  1. Support for Authentication for dynamic JWT tokens [Q1]
  2. Support to call YAML workflows from JS workflows [Q1]
  3. Support for using mapping file constants in other mapping file [Q1]

Enhancements in Language

  1. Support for validating / formatting inline js/coffee in yaml files [Q-1]
  2. Support to show proper error hints in events, workflows and datasources yaml files [Q-1]
  3. Help / Tooltip for different kind godspeed functions [Q-1]
  4. Support for JS/TS syntax check in workflows/datasources [Q-1]
  5. Better navigate between events and workflows and definitions through [Q-1]

May pick up

  1. Unified dashboard with SSO for CD and observability.
  2. Java flavour of microservice framework (on customer demand)