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Auto watch and build

The framework provides auto watch/build feature to detect the changes in you project files. This feature is only applicable when you are working inside dev container.


Please make sure VS code 'Run On Save' plugin is installed in your dev container environment.

Here is the list of files which are being watched inside the dev container.


*.prisma files These files are being watched for Datastore as datasources

During any datastore setup via Prisma in the dev container, you don't need to setup anything explicitily, the watch feature automatically takes care of setting up the datastores. Refer Prisma Datastore Setup for more information.

*.toml files These files are being watched for configuration files of Elasticgraph as datasource. If there is any change in *.toml file then auto watch reindexes all the elasticgraph datasources configuration inside src/datasources/eg_config/ directory.