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The framework supports RabbitMQ as a messaging broker, acting as an intermediary for messaging. It provides a common platform for applications to send and receive messages and ensures that messages are securely stored until they are received, similar to Kafka.

8.10.1 Example spec

The datasources for RabbitMQ are defined in src/datasources. Here, RabbitMQ datasource is defined in rabbitmq.yaml.

├── config
└── src
├── datasources
│   └── httpbin.yaml
│   ├── rabbitmq.yaml
├── events
├── functions
└── mappings

Sample configuration in rabbitmq.yaml

type: rabbitmq
connectionString: amqp://guest:guest@host.docker.internal:5672
exchange: TestOne
routingKey: TestQueueOne_key
retryCount: 3